December 4, 2023

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Based on a report from The Asahi Shimbun, a local news outlet in Japan, on Saturday, the University of Tokyo is set to start offering varieties of programs related to Metaverse later this year.

According to the report, these courses will be offered to interested students from the high school level including adults already in the workforce. It was said in the publication that these programs will not have any special faculty delivering them, but they will be delivered through the faculty of engineering, and students having completed the study requirements will get a certificate.

The university, which is also known as Todai, said the project is launched to create more specialized skilled workers who are lacking in advanced technologies and digital transformation.

Adding to the publication, university officials added that studying the metaverse-related programs will be the perfect middle ground for people to learn about information science and engineering technology irrespective of their gender, age, area of residence, and social standing.

Program Structure

Even though crypto and NFTs are not specifically mentioned in the publication, looking at the association they have with the metaverse technology, it is possible to have some other blockchain platforms mentioned in the programs.

High school students, including students from Junior High schools, will only have access to the introductory overview of the space, which includes a roadmap to getting jobs in science, engineering, and other related fields. These contents will be delivered using face-to-face and online channels.

On the other hand, university students and other skilled workers will be allowed to dive deeper into the space to reskill or upskill through the various online courses on next-gen communication, AI – Artificial Intelligence, and entrepreneurial education. Also, these programs will push to absorb more women into the field as the lack of the female gender is considered an issue in the engineering field.

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The Japanese Metaverse

Recent months in Japan have revealed different applications of the Metaverse in the country, as citizens are discovering more use cases for the tech. On Monday, a news local outlet, Japan Today, reported the launch of a virtual support room from a support group called Fukuoka. The support room is created on the SecondLife Metaverse platform, and the objective of the group is to reintegrate the reclusive people of Hikkikomori, who are refusing to leave their homes back into society.

Also, in April, about 3800 students from over 25 schools under the NSG College League reportedly had their commencement ceremony for the 2022 league in the Metaverse.

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