April 12, 2024

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Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has been around for almost a decade now, and it has served decentralized finance pretty elementary all these long years, except for now when Bitcoin finds itself in a financial pickle.

The price of the cryptocurrency is dwindling pretty seriously, investors are jumping ship, and there is already an abundance of people who are dumping their position by letting go of their Bitcoin tokens and dumping them onto the open market; the situation is getting worse by the hour, but even still some crypto enthusiasts have high hopes for the flagship cryptocurrency.

There is often a comparison that is made between a financial entity and its use case or any given entity for that matter and how it is used by the people giving them a false sense of freedom.

There is an active group out there who is advocating strongly for the use of Bitcoin over the conventional fiat system and is calling it nothing but a high financial garden that has encompassed the rest of the world, and people really need to let themselves free from its grasp.

Fiat Financial System Snatches Your Financial Freedom

A high walled garden is a relative place that has high walls and a garden at the very core of it; the high walls serve as the protection reagent for the garden, protecting it against the wildlife and from other foes such as the harshness of the weather and whatnot.

The fiat system that is presently active all around the world is nothing but a high-walled garden itself; it has given people a false sense of freedom where they are not free per se.

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Think about it, all of your money is under the regime of these centralized organizations, and they are using it however they like; you have no idea what is taking place, but you think every day after waking up that your money is safe in your bank accounts while in reality it has already been invested into many frivolous investing strategies of the bank.

You need to break free from this centralized chain of command, and decentralization, according to this advocating group, is the true freedom out there.

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