TradeLTD Review – Enjoy Hassle-Free Trading With

TradeLTD Review – Enjoy Hassle-Free Trading With

TradeLTD Review

Between 2016 and 2017, a number of traders from all of the world saw their earnings triple thanks to Bitcoin. It didn’t take long for cryptocurrencies to become the next big asset to be traded in the market and more and more people wanted in due to the potential it has to offer. How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies or any other asset for that matter? You need a trading platform to get started. There are plenty you can find in the market, but the key is to find a secure and reliable one or else the whole process is moot. This is where TradeLTD steps in. This particular platform is the choice of most traders nowadays.

Trading Education - TradeLTD
Trading Education – TradeLTD

TradeLTD History

TradeLTD didn’t start recently. You can trace the history of the trading platform to 2010 when a bunch of traders who loved trading got together and decided to establish it. Up until its registration in 2016, TradeLTD had been used for trading and the platform was able to gather a lot of experience under its belt. Today, what started as small venture has now metamorphosed into one of the biggest platforms in the world, especially for cryptocurrency trading. It boasts about 35 professionals who are skilled in cryptocurrency and the trading strategies on offer are nearly 100.

High Standards

There is no denying that TradeLTD is working very hard to live up to the standards that it has established for itself. It is offering traders what they need in order to achieve their trading goals and enjoy huge returns on their investment. TradeLTD is able to distinguish itself from other trading platforms out there as it doesn’t have the complex interface they do. Instead, it is offering its clients simple and easy account opening procedures that don’t involve a lot of hassle. All you have to do is log onto the website, click on the option of opening account, fill out the form that’s provided and you will be good to go. This doesn’t take up a lot of time and you can get started with your trading activities right away. However, before this can happen, you do need to choose between the various accounts types that are offered on TradeLTD. There are three distinct options, which are mentioned below:

Account Type 1: Standard Account

This is the lowest level of accounts you can find on the platform and requires you to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to start trading. The minimum non-commission spread of this particular account is set at 2.5 pips and traders can also enjoy a maximum leverage of 1/200.

Account Type 2: Premium Account

This is the mid-level of the different accounts available on TradeLTD and its initial first deposit needs to be at least $5,000. The minimum non-commission spread for this account type is established at 2.1 pips and the commission level is approximately $3.5/100k.

Account Type 3: VIP Account

The highest level of account type that traders will be able to open at TradeLTD is the VIP Account as it boasts a minimum initial deposit of $10,000. The non-commission spread of this account has been set at 2.1 pips whereas the commission is set at $2/100k.

The availability of these account types is a way of ensuring that a trader can use the platform as per their comfort level, whether they are a beginner or have been trading in the market for a while. It has further simplified the process by offering a number of payment methods for funding the accounts and withdrawing as well. There are limitless methods that can be used for adding the funds and some popular options include debit and credit cards, electronic transfers and other online payment methods.

Payments and Withdrawals

As far as withdrawal is concerned, account verification is required first, which requires traders to submit proof of identity and address. However, once they have provided the needed documents, they will have their account verified and will be able to withdraw their money with ease. It only takes a few clicks and the money will be where you want it to be. This is a major plus for traders because other platforms have more complex and time-consuming procedures in play. TradeLTD has also succeeded in making its platform easy to use thanks to the sophisticated yet simplified trading software it operates on.

Trading Platform

The trading platforms that are part of TradeLTD include MetaTrader4, Mobile MT4 and web trader. Through these platforms, TradeLTD is able to offer an interactive and clean interface to its users, which can be mastered easily. One of the best things about the web trading platform is that it doesn’t suffer from the lags that are a common problem on other platforms. The account managers also make it easy for all traders to manage and execute their trades on a timely basis thereby minimizing their loss and maximizing their profits.

Mobile Trading

The mobile trading app is also a useful one as it provides access to all the tools and technical analysis that traders need and they can monitor and make their trades on the go. This gives them flexibility that works in their favor and allows them to keep up without making any compromises. Special technologies have been inculcated by TradeLTD for keeping up with laws pertaining to international money transfers in order to keep the funds of their traders as safe and secure as possible.

TradeLTD Privacy and Security

Anti-Money laundering (AML) policies are followed strictly and a KYC policy is also in place for security reasons. In addition, SSL encryption has also been implemented on the website for keeping all data encrypted and secure on the platform. TradeLTD has clearly mentioned in its privacy policy that no data is shared with advertisers or third parties without the consent of their clients. There is a comprehensive FAQ section that provides answers to basic questions whereas other customer support options such as phone, email, online contact form or live chat can be used to reach out to the experienced agents at TradeLTD who are ready to offer you any guidance you need for trading successfully.

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