June 4, 2023

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Ether has been performing badly after giving out an outstanding performance in the past couple of weeks. The cryptocurrency has come all the way down to $1600 from the roaring $2000, and it was expected that the corrections were over; the bear market had been replaced with the bullish market, and now everything was golden, but this didn’t come out to be the case.

The merge update that has been talked about ferociously among the crypto market and community regarding Ether managed to push the price of the cryptocurrency up to a certain limit.

Ethereum Adoption will Increase After Merge Implementation

The update is engaged to change the consensus protocol of the platform, which means it is going to change the consensus from proof of work to proof of stake; earlier, it was thought that it would be a good thing for Ether, as more investors would join the Ether bandwagon and the price will soar.

But then some crypto intellects pointed out the fact that as the consensus would change, so would the behaviour of miners towards Ether as to validate transactions, they would have to stake their crypto in real time and what of the investors? What if they don’t want to pour money into the platform anymore?

Thus began an overall negative trend, and recently enough, the developers have found many bugs within the Merge update, which means that the update is not stable at all and could toy with the performance aspect as well as the services offered by the platform.

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Nethermind and Go Ethereum are the subnets that happened to stumble across the bugs on their main nets, and further testing is being commenced to find out about the scale of this thing and if it is going to contradict the implementation date of the Merge update, which is 15th September.

It was told that the developers are actively working towards finding a fix for the bugs and that it is highly unlikely for the crypto community to pull the plug on this update or delay it based on a few bugs; more appropriately, these bugs would be taken care of before the implementation date arrives.

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