June 3, 2023

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Cardano blockchain has always kept its focus on undertaking new projects and incorporating new updates. The network is recently working on around 1,146 different projects. As per the latest statistics from GitHub, Cardano is ranked among the top 3 blockchain networks with the highest rate of development.

In the latest tweet from @ProofofGitHub, Cardano has been listed as one of the blockchains with a considerable development stake among programmers.

The tweet was also noticed by the Cardano Updates Twitter account, which is charged with the responsibility of issuing real-time updates and corroborating the facts.

Top Blockchain Projects in Terms of Development Activity

Among the top 3 chains that are mentioned with the most amount of development activity are Ethereum, Cosmos, and Cardano network. The other blockchains mentioned in this list are Polkadot, Kusama, Decentraland, Elrond, Internet Computer, Filecoin, and Hedera.

On the other hand, the statistics issued by Cardano’s parent company IOG add that there are currently 1,146 projects under the development phase at Cardano blockchain. Thus far, the devs at Cardano have launched around 106 projects.

The total amount of Plutus scripts is estimated to be 3, 750. On the other hand, ADA scripts are around 7 million, as per data issued by the pool. pm data.

A recent tweet from famous investor John Bollinger claims that Litecoin is nearing awakening. He noted that Litecoin was up by 3.7% during the last 24 hours. On the other hand, Bitcoin prices have remained stable with a 1.3% appreciation.

As per media reports, Litecoin has been rallying during the last week. Bollinger identified a squeeze on the Litecoin chart last month.

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Before the rally in Litecoin, two major addresses have accumulated more than $40 million in LTC. Meanwhile, Taxes based online payment platform MoneyGram has also encouraged users to purchase and sell altcoin.

In the wake of its recent appreciation, Litecoin’s market cap has surpassed Shiba Inu to become the 13th top coin.

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