BrightFinance Review: Avail the Best Trading Opportunities

BrightFinance Review: Avail the Best Trading Opportunities

Are you looking for an online broker? Choosing a trustworthy and secure broker can be extremely beneficial, whether you are someone new or have had some experience in the trading market. Finding a broker is quite easy; you just need to search online and you will come across a huge list. But, not all these brokers are reliable. As a matter of fact, some of these are just pure scams or simply lack the features and functionality that’s needed for efficient and smooth trading. Making the wrong choice could cause traders to lose their investment entirely. Thus, you need to be cautious when selecting a broker and do thorough research before settling on one.

BrightFinance is a name that you will definitely come across in your search and most traders will not give it a second look because it was recently introduced in 2018. However, despite the fact that it is new, this broker has built a positive reputation in the market as it offers transparency, ease of use, clarity and simple deposit and withdrawal procedures. It has become a comprehensive solution for all traders as it offers some of the most competitive spreads, plenty of market opportunities and excellent security. Traders all over the globe are making use of BrightFinance’s offerings because it provides exemplary customer service and speedy trade executions.

The broker offers its services in more than 60 countries around the world and it provides them with access to the tools, knowledge and market insight needed for making effective trading decisions. BrightFinance has an impressive layout and has created a user-friendly, secure and safe environment where people can trade without any worries, even if they don’t have any experience or background. Currently, the broker offers support for two currencies namely the Pound and the Euro. You can choose to use any currency for your deposits and withdrawals, but the broker will convert it into either of these currencies. Conversion charges will be applicable in this case.

BrightFinance is aware that the trading world is diverse and there is considerable risk as well. Therefore, it gives its clientele the opportunity of trading more than 2,200 financial instruments. There are a ton of assets that can be traded on BrightFinance and you can choose one as per your preference. First and foremost, it gives you the chance of investing in the stock market. It has created a responsive platform where you can trade throughout the day and execute trades quickly. You can choose to go long or short and find stocks at some of the best market rates.

If you are not interested in stocks, the foreign currency market is another option that can be explored. At BrightFinance, you will be able to trade some of the most popular and in-demand currency pairs. Traders enjoy high leverage, which means the profit potential is also high, and trade executions are made rapidly. Tight spreads are available and people can also access numerous analysis and educational tools that can be useful for making trades. If these currencies are too volatile for you, BrightFinance gives you the choice of investing in the commodities market.

With excellent rates and spreads, you can trade gold, natural gas, oil and silver at high leverage. You can trade them on multiple platforms offered by BrightFinance and balance your portfolio. Indices are also a good option in this regard and you can find popular and niche indices, combined with some effective index analysis tools. There is high leverage and you can trade throughout the day with ease. If you are after popular markets, cryptocurrencies are the best choice for you. In the last few years, these trading instruments have shot to the top and BrightFinance allows you to trade Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are some of the top options available.

The broker offers its own crypto wallet, which makes it easy for traders to buy and sell crypto. Plus, you can enjoy high leverage along with safe and secure trading. Other than these regular markets, one reason that BrightFinance stands out is the fact that its clientele can also trade Cannabis stocks. Cannabis stocks are in high demand because it is gaining legal status and investing in them is a great way of expanding your portfolio. Stocks of some renowned Cannabis companies are available on BrightFinance and you can invest in any one to reap the benefits.

No matter what asset you decide to trade on BrightFinance, you first need to create an account with the broker. Luckily, the process is simple and doesn’t involve a lot of hassle. Some personal information needs to be entered like full name, phone number, email address and country of residence. Accurate and authentic information should be provided or else it will create problems when making deposits or withdrawals on your account on BrightFinance. Your account also needs to be verified and this can be done by submitting a government-issued ID for proof of identity, which can be driver’s license, passport or ID card.

Proof of address is also a requirement, which can be given through your bank statement, utility bill or any other document that clearly lists the name and address. Other information such as marital status, age and occupation may also be required in some cases. Furthermore, if you are planning to use your credit card as a mode of payment on BrightFinance, you will need to submit its picture first. The sign up process will not be difficult if you have all documentation prepared and it can be done very quickly.

There is one important aspect of the sign up process that requires some consideration. You need to decide which account you need to open as BrightFinance has four account types mentioned. Each of these accounts come with their respective features and are designed to fulfill the needs of different traders. The Starter account is the first option at your disposal and as obvious from the name, it is for anyone who is just getting started with trading and will stick to the conservative approach in the beginning. As it is for newbies, the account does offer some basic training and access to the knowledge and resource center is also provided.

Traders can go over the latest news, enjoy fixed spreads and participate in hedging, if interested. Expert Advisors (EAs) have also been made available as they can trade automatically on your behalf and follow the parameters you set. The Silver account is the next option, which is better suited to the slightly experienced traders. Leverage of 1:100 is available, along with floating spreads and access to webinars is also given to help traders in getting some insight into the workings of respective markets. The Gold account is the third option and is designed for catering to experienced traders who have had some years in and can reap the benefits of daily market alerts, an Experienced Consultant and also one-on-one training by professional traders. Last, you can sign up for the Premium account, but only if you are ambitious about trading because it is made for VIP and professional traders. Expert Trading is offered combined with Personal Bonus policy to make this account type more attractive.

While hedging is permitted in all accounts, the leverage you get in the Gold and Premium accounts is 1:200. BrightFinance has made things easier for beginners by setting a minimum deposit of 250 EUR/GBP, which is quite reasonable and affordable for everyone. One of the best things about the broker is that it is not just interested in making money off the traders and gives them room to make profitable trades. How is that evident? This can be seen from the fact that BrightFinance doesn’t charge any commission on trades so trading volume is irrelevant to them and you can trade as little or as much as you want.

There is only one thing that traders need to keep their eye on and this is the spread. It is the difference in the buying and selling price of an asset and some of the tightest spreads in the markets can be found on BrightFinance. In the Starter account, the spreads remain fixed in order to enable beginners in keeping their risks at a minimum. You can find floating spreads in other account types. Apart from this, BrightFinance provides its traders with the best possible comfort by giving them the choice between multiple trading platforms.

Keeping up with industry trends, the broker has obviously incorporated the popular MetaTrader 4, which boasts an impressive user interface and is quite user-friendly, thereby simplifying trading for everyone no matter what their skill level is. You can indulge in automated trading and there are no lags. This means trades are executed quickly and custom indicators can also be used for better decision making. BrightFinance has also offered its customers the option of using Web Trader and this doesn’t require any lengthy installation or download process as you can access it straight from the browser.

This platform can be used for trading in any market and customers can enjoy a seamless trading experience as it comes loaded with a wide array of trading tools. Since trading on the move has also become a need these days, BrightFinance also offers a Mobile Trading platform for this purpose. Thanks to this option, traders are no longer bound to a location for executing trades and can make them anywhere. This platform is available for all mobile devices including tablets and smartphones powered by iOS and Android. The mobile option offers the same hassle-free and smooth experience as Web Trader, which makes it a huge plus.

BrightFinance has also focused a lot of its efforts on the security of its platforms. It has implemented the highest and strongest encryption because it is familiar with some of the cyber-attacks that have taken place and their repercussions. Therefore, it has provided a safe and comprehensive trading environment where trades can be conducted without worrying about compromising any sensitive financial information. It is true that you have to submit considerable personal information for verification purposes, but they keep all of it secure and encrypted. BrightFinance is compliant with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and Know your Customer (KYC) policies as well as the MiFID regulations set forth. Not only is information kept secure and confidential, traders are also advised to not share their passwords with anyone and use strong ones to ensure their information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

It is also recommended that passwords be changed regularly and customer service should be contacted if there is any problem. Contacting customer service is also not a problem because BrightFinance has ensured that its customers are able to reach it whenever they require. The broker offers multiple options that can be used for getting in touch, which include email, online web form and phone numbers. You can choose a method based on the urgency of your problem. The phone numbers provided by the broker are to its three offices located in Estonia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The good thing about their customer service is that all representatives are friendly and responsive and aim to offer you the quickest and most effective solution. In terms of payment solutions, BrightFinance offers plenty of variety to its traders. Debit and credit cards are supported and are the fastest and easiest options for making deposits and withdrawals. The other options include making payments via cryptocurrencies, using electronic and digital solutions and wire transfer. The purpose is to ensure flexibility when it comes to making or receiving payment on BrightFinance.

However, one thing to remember is that the charges and the time taken by these methods vary so you can select your option as per your preference. BrightFinance is a broker that has devoted itself to cater to traders in multiple countries, regardless of their skill and experience. As a result, it offers an all-in-one solution with all the right tools and services that can make trading a rewarding experience.

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