December 4, 2023

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Professionals of anti-crypto technology persuaded the lawmakers, within the United States to push back the impact of pro-crypto propaganda attempts. A lecturer serving at Harvard, Bruce Schneier, reportedly mentioned that the assertions of blockchain promoters are false. He also said that the respective technology does not have any security and it is not even decentralized.

As per Schneier, the system that compels someone to be deprived of his/her life savings, just by forgetting the password is highly insecure.

Accompanying the rest of the computer instructors as well as the scientists, Schneier put his signatures on a letter condemning the blockchain as well as crypto and sent it to the policymakers of the United States in Washington. Stephen Diehl, a software developer, advocated for the respective concept and then put his signatures on the very letter.

In the words of Diehl, the letter counts to be an endeavor to confront the propaganda since the supporters of cryptocurrency just speak what they intend for the politicians to do.

In that letter, the signing personnel asserted that there are several hazards involved in dealing with cryptocurrencies and they are defective and thus come in the category of digital financial tools that are unproven. The people who participated in signing the letter were 26 in total. The other prominent took into account Miguel de Icaza (a former engineer at Microsoft) as well as Kelsey Hightower (the chief engineer serving at Google Cloud).

The academics tried to discourage the regulatory authorities from providing their support for the endeavors taken by the pro-crypto propagandists to establish a regulatory regime that would be a haven for these assets. The endeavors to fight crypto propagandas have been witnessed during the expansion in the propagandists symbolizing the crypto between 2018 and 2021, as per the data provided by the Public Citizen.

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In addition to the propagandists, the budget allocated for crypto promotions additionally escalated from $2.2M to approximately $9M during the respective years. The largest share of the respective spending was made by Coinbase with the provision of up to $1.5 million.

Most recently, yesterday, some diverse viewpoints were brought to the front by the experts on the quantitative tightening of the U.S. Federal Reserve that is planned to commence on Wednesday. The executive at a crypto exchange Swyftx, Pav Hundal, revealed that a negative impact may be put by doing this.

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